Chloe Bruce

Taken from the musicvideo Rewind by Cylob recorded january 1999. This video is about 3 minutes long and is braking with the traditional technostyle of having 3 cuts per second. It is featuring only this martial arts performance in a continuous long traveling shot.
The video is currently not available. Maybe someone could upload it to picturama, but you need to register and to download big files you have to donate some money.


0299Creation_Cylob.JPG 12 K

Cylob_large.jpg 107 K

rewind01.jpg 53 K

rewind02.jpg 35 K

rewind03.jpg 29 K

rewind04.jpg 21 K

rewind05.jpg 21 K

rewind06.jpg 32 K

rewind07.jpg 28 K

rewind08.jpg 45 K

rewind09l.jpg 32 K

rewind10.jpg 11 K

rewind11.jpg 65 K

rewind12.jpg 63 K

rewind39.jpg 43 K

Technical details:
the video was probably recorded on 35mm film wich enabled me to make all captures in high resolution. The snappy software claims that it has then 1500x1125 pixel resolution.