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Circus Ethiopia

cirque du soleil pictures from TV

More about cirque du soleil contortionists on this site.

Chinese circus

Karima Zaripova

Elena Serafimovich

Emöke Ritter

Trio Yagaantsetseg

Sports Acrobatics

Pinder Circus

Elena Lev

Martial art

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How to find TV shows

Search EuroTV for a list of TV shows probably featuring some contortion (circus, acrobatics, yoga, contortion, artists, gymnastics...). You still have to read the description yourself and see if the show might be interesting. This search engine works only for european TV shows. You can do your own search at http://www.eurotv.com/.
NEW!!! if you live in USA you can search yahoo tv

Contortion chat room

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With new improved chat software!!!

You have to activate javascript, else the chat will not work. You don't need java, only javascript.


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